About Us

From its beginning in 1949, the United Industrial Workers has had one goal: to improve the lives of working Americans.

Founded by the late SIU President Paul Hall, the union originally was called the Marine Allied Workers Division of the Seafarers International Union. In its first decade of service, the union concentrated its efforts on organizing workers in maritime-related industries.

When the union adopted its present name of the United Industrial Workers and revised its constitution in 1961, it started growing by organizing workers in a variety of industries.

UIW Officers

President Michael Sacco

Secretary-Treasurer David Heindel

National Director Karen Horton-Gennette

Vice President Atlantic Region Joseph Soresi

Vice President Caribbean Region Eugene Irish

Vice President Great Lakes Region Monte Burgett

Vice President Gulf Coast Region Dean Corgey

Vice President Midwest Region Chad Partridge

Vice President West Coast Region Nick Marrone